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Surface Pro 4 (M)

MSP4-Core M,128GB+4GB, Wi-Fi (w/o Pen)

₹ 68,499

Surface Pro 4 (i5,4)

MSP4-i5,128GB+4GB, Wi-Fi

₹ 83,999

Surface Pro 4 (i5,8)

MSP4-i5,256GB+8GB, Wi-Fi

₹ 99,999

Surface Pro 4 (i7,8)

MSP4-i7,256GB+8GB, Wi-Fi

₹ 1,22,999

Surface Pro 4 (i7,16)

MSP4-i7,512GB+16GB, Wi-Fi

₹ 1,67,999

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Price Validity 28-July-2017
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