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Foetron will be recognized as the World’s most sought after Cloud and Mobile Center of Excellence for Small and Medium businesses (SMBs).

Foetron Inc. (HQ. Gurgaon) firmly believes in a future that is driven by technology, primarily mobile and cloud. In a country that became the first to observe mobile internet usage exceed internet usage on computers, India is very well placed to spearhead this shift in the time to come. Mobile is the inflection point to drive the consumption of technology and a robust and scalable cloud service will drive this change.


Enhance the efficiency

At Foetron, we are entirely focused on deploying cloud services in a manner that combines the best of advanced technology in scalable manner combined with value of investment. With capabilities like being a valued partner in the cloud advisory board, cloud deployment partner, cloud accelerate partner, small business competency and messaging competency, we are well equipped to spearhead this change.

Moreover, Foetron Inc. strongly regards that technology is a quintessential value-add, even though it is regarded as an added expense. Through our technology consulting experts, we aim to make people aware that technology is an enabler and has the capability to solve problems that currently have negative impacts on organisational efficiency, internal and external communication, data accessibility and enterprise-grade security. We will be building the robust and tech savvy SMBs of tomorrow.

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We look forward to working with you for Cloud, Security, and other IT product-related opportunities. You can connect with us at +91-8826294740