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In the digital world, data is the new currency. The increased cyber attacks including those on Yahoo confirm this that data-theft is becoming an everyday affair. It is time that organizations start taking secure and seamless backup of their data on laptops, PCs and servers.


Why should you think about adopting Microsoft Cloud Backup?

  • Reliable, inexpensive and scalable data protection solution for backing up On-Premise data to the Cloud.
  • Zero capital investment and minimal operational expense.
  • Scheduled backup of different types of data like documents, videos, pictures, and other unstructured text or binary data.
  • Choosing the file type to be backed up or specific drive to be backed up.
  • Flexibility to choose between Locally Redundant Storage and Globally Redundant Storage.


With Cloud Backup, Microsoft gives you the ability to:

  • Choose from four different Replication Strategies as per your business requirements:
    • LRS (Locally Redundant Storage)
    • ZRS (Zone-Redundant Storage)
    • GRS (Geo-Redundant Storage)
    • RA-GRS (Read-Access Geo-Redundant Storage)
  • Schedule the backup as per convenience and ease.
  • Do the User-wise File Search or Company-wise File Search.
  • Take the backup with encryption in place.
  • Initiate the Data Recovery User-wise.


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