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Planner is a very important and useful tool to manage day-to-day operations for yourself as well as your team. Read the following 5 reasons that why and how it helps you in being more productive and efficient leading to your organization’s growth.

  1. SAVE TIME: Your limited time can be used efficiently to manage day-to-day tasks and operations for yourself as well as your team. You can have more focused and time-bound weekly meetings rather than daily meeting to track and monitor team task status.
  2. EASILY COMMUNICATE IDEAS: Quickly and easily brainstorm on the ideas together for the successful completion of the plan. Further, you can easily comment on the task status, discuss bottleneck issues, or carry on conversations through groups from anywhere, anytime.
  3. CUT DOWN CONFUSION: Reduce the miscommunications, delayed conversations and to-and-fro of emails which cost employee productivity and mental peace leading to slower growth for the organization.
  4. EFFICIENTLY ASSIGN TASKS: Track task status and easily assign the tasks as per team member’s skills, bandwidth and knowledge level. Additionally, you can re-assign tasks to different team members in a dynamic manner to speed up work completion for project management as per the deadline.
  5. EFFECTIVELY REWARD EMPLOYEES: You can easily monitor team members thereby increasing the management as well as employees’ accountability during annual appraisal processes, organizational rewards and incentive programs. Additionally, the timely need for intervention with respect to specific employees can be initiated in terms of trainings or skill upgrading.

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