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Transform your business with Microsoft Yammer, the corporate social network!

What is Yammer? It is a social network private, which functions as collaborative platform for companies. It allows you to stay connected to what is happening and be aware of everything that is being done at that moment. Gives be connected with the right people,…

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End of Support for Windows 8. Get the best offers to Upgrade to Windows 10!

Do you know Microsoft support for Windows 8 ends on 12th Jan 2016? Upgrade to Windows 10 for automatic fixes, security updates and technical assistance. (Click here to read more) Microsoft Windows 10 has got some amazing features and we can even provide a demo for your…

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Republic Day is here. Let’s commit to re-write the way we consume Cloud. Connect Now!

Dear Microsoft believer, Foetron wishes you a Happy Republic Day! Foetron helps you realize a broad vision of business speed scaling with Microsoft Office 365. The complete set of rich productivity services in the cloud, along with the desktop version of Office. Rapid pace of…

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Microsoft ends support of Windows 8. Upgrade Windows 10!

Microsoft has ended its support for Windows 8 on 12th Jan 2016. Upgrade to Windows 10 for automatic fixes, security updates and technical assistance. You can upgrade to Windows 8.1 or windows 10. Once upgraded to Windows 8.1, which is available as a free upgrade…

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Foetron: Journey to be a Cloud and Mobile Centre of Excellence

Email to the team at Foetron “Hello! Do you have a feeling that it’s the first working day of the year? New year resolutions? Things to achieve in 2016? Professional and Personal goals? 1st Jan was no different from any other day for Foetron. Some…

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