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Windows 11 Hello Face not working (2023)

Here are all possible fixes working for Hello Face recognition, based on helping in many of these cases. You should not have to do them all before one works, but please do them in order and don’t skip any unless they clearly don’t apply to…

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Why Data Protection should be your Top Business Priority – Part II

As promised, here is the second part of the last week’s post. In our last post also, we had quoted how Yahoo’s data was compromised, you can read more about recent data breaches and cyber attacks here as well as here. We identified that the…

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Safeguard your data with Microsoft BitLocker

Is your data safe in your laptop or desktop? As you know there have been cases where someone in the company has stolen the data and caused damages both financial or to the brand. Do you not want to safeguard yourself against it? BitLocker from…

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Benefits of Windows 10 for Small and Medium Business.

What’s new in Windows 10? Windows 10 Pro gives you and your business the freedom to do great things. It works across all your devices so you can stay mobile, while allowing you to choose a device that fits your budget. It is focused on…

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End of Support for Windows 8. Get the best offers to Upgrade to Windows 10!

Do you know Microsoft support for Windows 8 ends on 12th Jan 2016? Upgrade to Windows 10 for automatic fixes, security updates and technical assistance. (Click here to read more) Microsoft Windows 10 has got some amazing features and we can even provide a demo for your…

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