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Work while you enjoy – Enjoy while you work

“Dimag tez karo, Badam khao”, This is a typical saying which is commonly heard in a manufacturing and corporate ecosystem when your boss gets impatient over any missing links, information or requested documents. So, here is a solution for solving all your workplace troubles, the…

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How we planned out our Office Party

Last week, our senior manager called us to convey that our team has to plan out an amazing office party for Christmas and New Year. This was told to us on the afternoon of Dec 22nd. With practically no free time due to all the…

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5 Benefits of Well-Connected Workplace

  With festive season round the corner, suddenly, your social life must have become far more active. The shopping mania, the happy moments with friends and family must be rejuvenating you to work towards greater growth, is it not? Imagine similar energy levels within your…

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3 Quick ways for making Outlook work more effectively for you – Part II

After our previous post, here is the how part for making Outlook do more for you. I. Create a folder On the Folder tab, in the New group, click New Folder. In the Name box, enter a name for the folder. In the Select where to…

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3 Quick ways of making Outlook work more effectively for you

We all are Outlook dependent day in and day out. We all love the simplicity of communication while having the ability to mark high priority mails, flagging a communication for later tracking and what not that Microsoft Outlook helps us to do. Yet, I am…

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