Time to move from Facebook, Your Workplace Social Network – Yammer!



In simple terms, Yammer is a social networking tool. However, it is not just another social networking tool. It is an enterprise social networking tool which means that it is a place where an employee can chat with his/her colleagues and collaborate for work.

Yammer can serve as the central hub for internal and external team collaboration.


What can be done with Yammer?

With this interactive and collaborative tool, we can do the following things mentioned below:

1. With Yammer, team members can be a part of any discussion without being physically present at the location.
2. You can be a part of a skype meeting while you are logged in with Yammer.
3. You will not miss out on the important news related to the enterprise.
4. You can discuss ideas and share updates with your co-workers irrespective of the geographic locations.

Quick tips for using Yammer

1.Join a group
Joining a Yammer Group will enable you to get your work done easily and stay informed about the new developments. While creating a Group, you can either make it Public or Private.
2.Follow Someone
You can follow your colleagues on Yammer and stay informed about their activities. You can see their posts in your “News Feed”.
3.Have a chat
You can chat with your colleague individually or can have a group conversation.
4.Can praise someone in an organization
Instead of consuming a lot of bandwidth and inbox space while praising any team member, you can simple praise your colleague through Yammer.
All your feeds, conversations, messages you are following and announcements are present in your Yammer account’s inbox. With this, you can view, prioritize and manage all the relevant or important conversations.

Additionally, you can connect with Foetron Cloud Evangelist at cloud@foetron.com to know more about Yammer. Alternatively, you can chat with them at cloud.foetron.com.

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