On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid

On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid

For on-premises applications and federated single sign-on to cloud services, the Multi-Factor Authentication Server is installed within your network or on a virtual machine in Windows Azure. For cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 that use Windows Azure Active Directory, you just enable the service for users in your directory. A software development kit is available.


Getting Started

Sign in to the Windows Azure Management Portal and click New → App Services → Active Directory → Multi-Factor Auth → Quick Create. Type a name, select the usage model and directory (optional), and follow these steps to set up Multi-Factor Authentication for the applications that you wish to secure.



We will continue offering Multi-Factor Authentication at the current discounted price through October 31, 2013, when general availability pricing will go into effect.


Price through October 31, 2013 $1 per user per month  $1 per 10 authentications per month
Price effective November 1, 2013 $2 per user per month  $2 per 10 authentications per month


Please visit the Pricing Details webpage for more information.