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Kingdom of Dreams-Now on Foetron’s Mobile Platform

You all must have browsed on your mobiles for Kingdom of Dreams once in your lifetime. And you must have been irritated by its non-functionality. Well, here is a good news for you. Kingdom of Dreams is now on Foetron’s Mobile Platform and is benefitting…

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Flipkart QR Code Fail

QR (Quick Response) codes have become a rage these days. Everyone is adopting the technique of marketing their product through QR codes. Although, it is a very good trend and a tech-geek in me appreciates the advancement of such things in India, brands and companies…

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On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid

On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid For on-premises applications and federated single sign-on to cloud services, the Multi-Factor Authentication Server is installed within your network or on a virtual machine in Windows Azure. For cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 that use Windows Azure Active Directory, you…

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Microsoft Announces a new memory-intensive VM size (two CPU cores with 14 GB of RAM)

Microsoft Announces a new memory-intensive VM size (two CPU cores with 14 GB of RAM) Microsoft has announced the general availability of a new memory-intensive virtual machine (VM) size for Windows Azure. This new VM, called A5, features two CPU cores with 14 gigabytes (GB)…

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General availability pricing takes effect on June 1 for Windows Virtual Machines

On April 16, 2013, we announced the general availability (GA) of Windows Virtual Machines and Windows Azure Virtual Network. The announcement introduced the 28-GB and 56-GB high-memory Virtual Machines, an array of validated workloads (including a range of prebuilt Linux images), plus across-the-board reductions in…

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