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Access your Office 365 email with Outlook

On your mobile device or in your browser, Office 365 delivers a seamless, premium experience with Outlook, so you and your organisation can be productive where and when you want. Designed for Office View attachments even when you’re offline. Preview, co-edit and share your Office…

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Building Connections between contacts and business. Amazing Mobile App!

We always struggle with this long contact list on our smartphones and rarely are we able to leverage it. Especially people in sales. They end up saving so many contacts and later either not able to recall or are always reacting to a sales opportunity…

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Microsoft is here to change your business forever. And I am glad the Mobile Apps are live now!

As a business, we are working with more than 350+ SMBs and empowering them with Microsoft Cloud. I always felt there is a lot more to do. The so called big tools are not really getting leveraged to the extend they should. In turn, these…

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Set up a mobile device using Office 365

Select the mobile device where you want to download and set up Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote), set up email, or see a list of the Office 365 for business mobile apps for your device Mobile device Download and set up Office apps…

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Outlook for Android and iPhone will redefine reading Emails on your Mobile

Microsoft has announced the release of Outlook for iOS and a preview of Outlook for Android. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet, chances are that you’re using the built-in email and calendaring capabilities of your device. Why use the new…

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